Fiber Next Steps

Depending on when your property is due for construction, it may be a while before Blackfoot contacts you.

Once it's time to work on your property, the next steps are as follows:

  1. One of our contractors will assess your property and engineer the fiber drop, or the route that we will place conduit into the ground from the main road to the side of your house.
  2. Location services will mark your utilities 48 hours prior to any construction on your property.
  3. Our crew will place fiber conduit on your property and install an Optical Network Terminal on the side of your house. We will do our best to use our vibratory plow for minimal disruption to your property (use is based on soil and land type). Check out our plow in action.
  4. After we plow the fiber drop, we will do our best to restore your property to its original condition, including planting new grass seed for lawns
  5. Once your fiber service is ready for use, we will contact you to schedule a new service installation. A Blackfoot  technician will install a new jack in your home and help set up your new equipment.

Check out our network upgrades page for faqs, upgrade timeline and more »