Our Board of Trustees represents our member-owners. 

Blackfoot: Our Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees (left to right): John Teague, Geoffrey Wilson, Les Iverson, Candy Noland-Faroni, Jim Blush, Cindy Lewis, Stuart Morton, Butch Friede, Tom Eggensperger

The Board of Trustees is legally responsible to the members of Blackfoot Telephone Cooperative for the organization’s management. Blackfoot’s Board typically meets monthly and employs a CEO who is responsible for the day-to-day management of the organization. All Trustees serve a three-year term. Nomination and election of Trustees occurs at Blackfoot’s Annual Member Meeting. Each Trustee represents one of nine districts that encompass all of Blackfoot’s cooperative communities.

  • Tom Eggensperger, Board President — District 8: Noxon, Heron, Thompson Falls, Trout Creek
  • Geof WilsonBoard Vice President — District 9: Haugan, De Borgia, Saltese, St. Regis, Superior
  • Cindy Lewis, Board Secretary/Treasurer — District 1: Condon, Seeley Lake
  • Jim Blush — District 7: Charlo, Moiese, Plains, Paradise
  • Ross “Butch” Friede — District 2: Drummond, Gold Creek, Hall, Philipsburg
  • Les Iverson — District 3: Avon, Elliston, Potomac, Greenough, Ovando
  • Stuart Morton — District 5: St. Ignatius, Ravalli
  • Candy Noland-Faroni — District 4: Arlee, Dixon
  • John Teague — District 6: Alberton, Alberton South, Alta, Clinton, Powell (ID)

Our mission is to connect people, businesses and communities.

Meet our key leadership team.

jason williams blackfoot

Jason Williams

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

stacey mueller blackfoot

Stacey Mueller

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

joe fanguy blackfoot

Joe Fanguy

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

laura marshall blackfoot

Laura Marshall

Vice President
Human Resources