school support

Supporting our schools, students and members.

Blackfoot Communications is committed to supporting educational opportunities for all ages. Our educational support includes investments in schools, student scholarships and cooperative member learning opportunities.

School Support

Here are some ways we help local schools and educators.

  • EEE Program: The Electronic Education Equipment (EEE) Program is a joint venture of Blackfoot Telephone CooperativeEnergy Partners and Missoula Electric Cooperative that provides funding for technology for the classroom.
  • Public Library Grant Program: Blackfoot’s Public Library Grant Program focuses on purchasing electronic equipment for public use at county public libraries in our service communities. Click for online application »
  • Missoula College: Blackfoot Communications is proud to be the largest-ever private donor to the Missoula College, pledging $500,000 to help fund construction and provide cutting-edge technology to the new Missoula College Campus.
Student Scholarships
Member Learning