blackfoot telephone cooperative

Our local cooperative benefits our member-owners.

In 1954, a group of ranchers and farmers in Clinton, Montana who were tired of sharing party line phones came together. They each pitched in $50 and started Blackfoot Telephone Cooperative, named after the Blackfoot River that ran through their communities. That's how Blackfoot began; and while we've expanded our services and footprint over the last six decades, our cooperative is still core to who we are today. Blackfoot Telephone Cooperative operates as a nonprofit corporation in rural Western Montana and is member-owned. Customers who buy services from the cooperative become members and part owners in the company.

Member-Owner Benefits

5 Benefits of Your Cooperative Membership

Membership in a locally owned company.

Blackfoot Communications has been reliably connecting homes and businesses since 1954. We have more than 180 locally-based employees, so you’ll always be in touch with live, friendly and knowledgeable people.

Contributions to your communities.

Blackfoot is committed to giving back in ways that matter most to you. View our Community page for more information on our community support efforts.

Ownership interest and voting rights.

As a member-owner, you gain equity based on the services you purchase from the cooperative. In addition, you have a voice in the future of your cooperative by exercising your right to vote at our Annual Member Meeting.

Capital credit distributions.

As you continue to purchase services from the cooperative, your member account balance grows. Based on the company’s financial performance and other factors, Blackfoot’s Board of Trustees annually decides to refund our members a portion of their account balance via a capital credit distribution.

Invitation to our Annual Member Meeting.

Each member-owner is invited to attend our Annual Member Meeting. It's a great opportunity to learn updates about the cooperative and also elect your Board of Trustees.

Capital credits