Blackfoot Announces 2020 Scholarship Recipients

The Blackfoot Board of Trustees was pleased to award a total of $31,500 in academic scholarships to 46 outstanding students residing within the company’s Montana and Idaho rural service territories.

The scholarship recognizes students who have demonstrated academic success, as well as a commitment to bettering their community. Blackfoot’s scholarship fund is intended to support pursuits in higher education. Congratulations to all of our recipients!

Grouped by Blackfoot’s cooperative districts and then listed in alphabetical order by last name.

  • District 1 (Condon, Seeley Lake): Ella Batchelder, Jayla Kauffman, Gabrielle Sexton
  • District 2 (Drummond, Philipsburg): Clay Fulk, Kayla Holland, Sara Kielley, Susanna Kielley, Shiena Medrano, Serenity O’Donnell, Audrey Radtke
  • District 3 (Avon, Elliston, Greenough, Potomac): Bridger Hall, Kyla Nelson, Kess Victor
  • District 4 (Arlee): Mandy Couture, Peyton Lammerding
  • District 5 (St. Ignatius): Allison Delaney, Robert Dempsey, Elena DuMontier, River Gonzalez
  • District 6 (Alberton, Clinton, Missoula): Emmah Baughman, Sophie Kolb, Gabby Smart, Chase Thompson, Heath Thompson
  • District 7 (Charlo, Plains): Kylee Altmiller, Audrey Brown, Grace Cockrell, Kaitlin Cox, Rachel Huenink
  • District 8 (Noxon, Thompson Falls, Trout Creek): Ethan Brown, Kelsey Frank, Jenna Freeman, Bradley Lantz, Justin Miller, Rylan Weltz
  • District 9 (St. Regis, Superior): Emma Hill

Grouped by school and then listed in alphabetical order by last name.

  • Madison High School: Mari Anderson
  • North Fremont High School: Kenadee Bossard, Nickelas Briggs, Marah Goebel, Chelsie Roseberry, Cole Searle, Hayden Simpson
  • South Fremont High School: Bailey Miller, Morgin Miller, Teri Worrell

A part of Blackfoot Communications, Blackfoot Telephone Cooperative is a member-owned rural telephone cooperative headquartered in Missoula, Montana. Blackfoot scholarships are funded by unclaimed capital credit dollars. Learn more about Blackfoot’s educational support at