Blackfoot Announces New Residential WiFi Service Powered by Award-Winning Platform

Managed Home WiFi delivers a fast, reliable and secure home WiFi connection.

Blackfoot, the Montana-based broadband and phone provider, today announced the immediate availability of a new residential service, Managed Home WiFi. As more smart devices are being used at home, users require a strong, interference-free wireless signal to stay connected. Blackfoot has partnered with Calix – the leading global provider of intelligent and powerful WiFi customer devices – to deliver a new smart home experience.

With Blackfoot Managed Home WiFi, customers receive a fast, reliable and secure WiFi connection backed by 24/7 proactive support. We also offer add-on features based on the customer’s needs and a mobile app to easily manage the WiFi service.

Blackfoot has delivered service to homes for more than six decades, with a focus on delivering the best experience possible. Our Blackfoot Managed WiFi service continues this tradition by providing an incredible home WiFi experience. It gives customers complete control of their WiFi, while delivering peace-of-mind that Blackfoot will proactively manage any interruptions. Plus, with Blackfoot Managed WiFi, adding smart devices from Amazon, Apple, Google and others is now a breeze. Along with additional layers of security and a dedicated mobile app, customers can now truly take advantage of today’s digital home experience.”

Laura Maedche, Blackfoot Customer Operations Manager

Managed Home WiFi is available with two add-on features:

  1. Protect WiFi provides protection against viruses, malware and malicious websites, keeping home networks and devices safe from cyberattacks.
  2. Safe WiFi provides homes with the tools needed to enforce the internet rules you’ve established for you home. Set up profiles for children or devices, filter content, websites and applications and set appropriate time limits.

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