Blackfoot Communications Celebrates Accomplishments at Annual Cooperative Meeting

Cooperative members selected board of trustees and learned about upcoming fiber projects

Over 250 members of the Blackfoot Telephone Cooperative gathered in Missoula on April 29 to select a board of trustees, celebrate achievements from the previous year and learn about future fiber projects.

“Our annual meeting is a meaningful and important part of how we operate as a cooperative” said Tom Eggensperger, chair of the Blackfoot Telephone Cooperative board of trustees. “Each cooperative member has a stake in the success of our company and has an equal say in selecting the leadership of our co-op. We are accountable to our customers and the communities we serve.”

Established in 1954, the Blackfoot Telephone Cooperative includes more than 15,000 members across a 6,600 square mile service area in Western Montana. Cooperative members are represented by nine trustees, one per district, and are elected to three-year terms and meet regularly, providing a review of company operations, including financials and projects.

The following trustees were re-elected at the April 29 meeting:

  • Jim Blush (St. Ignatius)
  • Cindy Lewis (Seeley Lake)
  • John Teague (Clinton)

Remaining trustees up for election at future annual meetings include:

  • Tom Eggensperger (Thompson Falls)
  • Butch Friede (Hall)
  • Les Iverson (Potomac)
  • Stuart Morton (Charlo)
  • Candy Noland-Faroni (Dixon)
  • Geoffery Wilson (Superior)

In addition to electing a board of trustees, CEO Jason Williams provided updates on upgrading Blackfoot’s network to fiber-based broadband. Since 2017, Blackfoot has invested nearly $50 million to bring fiber to communities in Western Montana. Blackfoot was recently awarded seven grants through the State of Montana’s ConnectMT program totaling over $60 million to accelerate the deployment of this cutting-edge technology in more areas.

“Blackfoot is a leader in bringing fiber-based broadband internet to rural communities in Western Montana, and our goal is to upgrade our entire network to fiber,” said Jason Williams, CEO. “Access to reliable, affordable high-speed internet is a must-have for businesses, education, and healthcare. Fiber technology helps connect our customers to more opportunities and closes the so-called digital divide between big cities and small towns.”

Blackfoot Communications delivers voice, broadband and fiber-based internet connectivity to homes and businesses in Western Montana and Eastern Idaho.

Media contact
Chris Laslovich