Blackfoot Provides Special Donation to Local Food Banks

Blackfoot community support

In light of the current pandemic, Blackfoot recently reached out to our communities to find out what we could do to help. An overwhelming, resounding need came from our local food banks, as many of them find their shelves depleted and unable to accept food donations. 

To support this need, last week, Blackfoot’s Board of Trustees authorized a special cash distribution to 18 food banks across our Montana and Idaho service areas to help feed our communities.

When resources are tight, people without the means can have a challenging time affording basic necessities. Contributing additional funding to our local food banks will support the ongoing efforts to care for and support our communities.” 

J.P. Violette, VP, Sales and Marketing

As a locally owned and operated company, Blackfoot is committed to helping our service area communities thrive. Learn more about our efforts at: