Blackfoot Communications Continues Fiber Growth with New Director Hire 

Blackfoot Communications is proud to announce the continuing expansion of our fiber network into rural communities across Western Montana and Eastern Idaho and the appointment of Pat Thackeray as Director of Construction to oversee this strategic initiative. 

With a commitment to bridging the digital gap, Blackfoot Communications deepens its focus on revolutionizing connectivity in rural areas with state-of-the-art fiber infrastructure and a new leadership addition. This announcement underscores our promise to deliver unparalleled internet services to our members and customers in the most remote corners of our service areas. 

At the core of this expansion drive, Blackfoot Communications has laid out plans for advanced fiber infrastructure that will reach areas from Alta to Potomac Valley over the next two years. With this comes the strategic planning and execution from experienced telecommunications leader, Pat Thackeray. His vast expertise in the industry, through roles at Level_3, Sprint, and within our own ranks, ensures the success of our goals and the quality of the service provided to our communities. 

Reflecting on the enormity of this project, Pat shared, “Leading Blackfoot Communications ambitious fiber expansion is not just about constructing infrastructure—it’s about weaving a vital lifeline that empowers our communities. Together, we’re not just laying fiber; we’re laying the groundwork for a future where every individual in Western Montana and Eastern Idaho can access and leverage the full potential of the digital world.” 

Under Pat’s guidance, the upcoming phases of deployment will see the continuation of Blackfoot’s dedication to implementing fiber broadband that not only meets current needs but also anticipates future technological demands. Upcoming areas for our multi-year, multi-community project include: 

  • 2024 Alta planned 
  • 2024 Darby planned 
  • 2024 Drummond planned 
  • 2024 Bitterroot planned 
  • 2024 Island Park (ID) ongoing 
  • 2025 Potomac Valley planned 
  • 2025 Potomac (Blackfoot River) planned 

Learn more about our network upgrade project here: 

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