C2M Beta Announces the Members of its Spring Entrepreneurial Program

Meet the six entrepreneurs who are driving the next wave of economic innovation

April 8, 2022 – Missoula, MT –  C2M Beta, the entrepreneurial program delivering the resources to transform ideas into businesses, announced the members of its spring entrepreneurial program. From Alaska to Montana, these six entrepreneurs are joining the 12-week C2M Beta program that offers the foundational and modern skills required to turn influential ideas into thriving businesses.

“This is an exciting group of talented entrepreneurs from across the Northern United States with creative solutions focused on education, dentistry, podcast discovery and agriculture,“ said Andrew Schulz, Community Manager of C2M Beta and President of Insight Studio. “With support from Blackfoot Communications, our goal is to provide these highly skilled entrepreneurs with the resources and network access needed to elevate their leadership strengths to build and grow their businesses.”

C2M Beta was founded in 2018 with the goal to connect communities with local entrepreneurs. Now launching its fifth entrepreneurial program, C2M Beta has delivered more than 1,000 mentoring hours from local and regional experts to more than 50 founders across the United States.

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Andrew Schulz
Community Manager

C2M Beta Entrepreneurship Program: Spring Class

Origins Curriculum

  • Overview: A curriculum dedicated to the whole child: Mind, body and spirit with a premium online subscription service for teachers, and home-schooled students.
  • Entrepreneur: Genevieve De Alva King
  • Connect with Genevieve on LinkedIn!

“Name TBD “Mada Lingua””

  • Overview: The team is working to create a more robust language learning platform that is interactive and focused on proficiency. 
  • Entrepreneur: Ahmad Abdallah
  • Connect with Ahmad on LinkedIn!


  • Overview: Focused on changing the landscape of dentistry with a focus on facial surgery and improving outcomes for patients and increasing efficiency for dentists.
  • Entrepreneur: Kelly Lucas
  • Connect with Kelly on LinkedIn!


  • Overview: KidsPod is an innovative and affordable podcast app built just for kids. Adults welcome, but not required!
  • Entrepreneur: Jessica Ray
  • Connect with Jessica on LinkedIn!

Ronin Technologies

  • Overview: Using the helium blockchain, Ronin is starting to deploy air-sensors in target locations, and developing micro-networks of connectivity.
  • Entrepreneur: Jeff Dupuy
  • Connect with Jeff on LinkedIn!


  • Overview: The “Angies” of Agriculture and the “Facebook” of Farming, FarmPro is focused on helping small to medium farm outfits meet the needs of specialized processes with trained professionals across regions.
  • Entrepreneur: Bryan Burkle
  • Connect with Bryan on LinkedIn!

About C2M Beta

C2M Beta is a 12-week program delivering the foundational and modern skills required to transform influential ideas into thriving businesses. With access to more professional expertise, more state-of-the-art technology and more community resources, C2M Beta was founded with the mission to connect local entrepreneurs to more. Learn more at C2MBeta.com.

About Blackfoot Communications

Blackfoot Communications founded C2M Beta in 2018 to offer entrepreneurs a unique opportunity to turn innovative ideas into thriving businesses. C2M Beta accelerates the time to market between idea generation and community impact by providing access to a deep network of resources. Together, Blackfoot and C2M Beta offer the tools, people and support that help our communities prosper. Learn more at BlackfootCommunications.com.