Blackfoot Communications: The impact of COVID-19 in our community

A message from Blackfoot CEO, Jason Williams

With the World Health Organization (WHO) characterizing COVID-19 (coronavirus) as a pandemic, we wanted to share the precautions and proactive measures Blackfoot is taking to ensure our employees and community remain safe as well as how we will ensure continuity of your Blackfoot service in the event of an outbreak locally.

  • We are proactively working with our employees to educate themselves on how to prevent and/or limit the spread of the virus, including proper respiratory hygiene (e.g. covering your face when you cough or sneeze), being extremely diligent about hand washing, limiting face-to-face meetings and large group meetings, non-essential travel and remaining at home if not feeling well.
  • In the event of a widespread outbreak or a mandate that we have to close our offices, we have established the necessary operational systems to ensure that your Blackfoot service will not be interrupted.

We will provide additional updates as necessary.

Thank you,

Jason Williams
CEO, Blackfoot